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Smith Master Bedroom Project

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Meet the Smith Family!

They have lived faithfully in their home for almost 20 years with 2 boys and a sweet pup. I have known this amazing family since before both of our first children were born, over 17 years ago! This master bedroom remodel project was born from their desire to have an updated haven to escape to as well as meet the needs of working from home. I was more then excited they entrusted me to bring their tired(pun intended) bedroom to life!

Before Pictures (So you can fully enjoy the after)

We met with the clients to get a feel for how this space needed to function and flow with overall updating of most surfaces and an aesthetic that would feel bright, modern and cozy. They were open to new ideas and and a fresh twist on a farmhouse/rustic feel. With all their needs and wants on the forefront of my mind, coupled with my design plan and ideas, we set forth to give them the master bedroom suite of their dreams(pun intended, again!)

We created a mood board that would convey the overall design concepts and incorporate a few pieces into the room that we had selected to be in the space. I have to say, these were fantastic clients, fully trusting me to help steer them in the right direction as well as staying open to new ideas.

Once we finalized details and selected furnishings, paint colors, flooring selection, trim work details, lighting and the many many other was time to get the project started!

We had the unique opportunity to create this space while the clients were away, which proved to be both a challenge(time constraint of 3 weeks) as well as advantageous(longer hours to complete jobs as well as clients missed the construction mess!)


Demo work was started and was a breeze! Sub floor was prepped and repaired for the gorgeous large porcelain wood planks we had selected. Then the inevitable hiccup(which you can guarantee happens in ALL remodeling!), our first flooring selection was out of stock EVERYWHERE. We ended up with a similar flooring, but moral of the story, always have a second choice backup! This flooring turned out absolutely stunning with warmer tones then the first choice. Really pleased with end result on the flooring!

Demo is one of the best parts of the process. Watching the old fade away to make room for new! A blank slate

ready for VH magic!

Floors Going In...Stunning!

This project had to move very swiftly, so walls were painted after the demo and then floors laid down. We lost a week with the delay of our flooring selection so the crew worked quickly and tirelessly on this phase!

Shiplap wall proved to be another challenge. We originally had decided on a horizontal placement, but as with most homes, the wall was uneven towards the top, creating an obvious gap between crown molding and the boards. We shifted our design to a vertical placement with a trim piece towards the top molding piece. This solved the issue nicely and became another last minute change that turned out absolutely beautiful and more fitting for the space.

Final Details

Lighting was installed and trim work were finished as well as any last minute details. We updated door hardware, installed dimmer switches and installed TV on wall. The flooring extended into master bathroom as well as the trim work, however the bath area will wait till later down the road for an update. Install day was a whirlwind of getting furniture pieces moved into space, the industrial shelves for clients extensive book collection installed and all the finishing touches to make this bedroom shine.

Finished Project

The master bedroom suite came together beautifully, and just as the last pillow was fluffed, the homeowners arrived back home for their room reveal. The surprise and delight as they walked into their transformed space gave me all the warm feels and pride in the hard work my Ventana Home team accomplished in a few short weeks.

These hard working industrial shelves were chosen for clients extensive book collection. These very large metal and rustic wood pieces span the large wall and keep the walk space clear by their bed.

We created this small sitting area just off to the left of the desk/work area. The sunlight streaming in from the windows gives it the perfect cozy, bright spot to curl up and read a book.

Homeowners both work from home, so a designated space was needed in the master bedroom to accommodate these needs. We were able to place a large desk and comfy sized chair in an area that was previously overcome with boxes and randomly placed furniture pieces. Everything in this room now has a place and can function both practically and beautifully!

We were able to include large dresser which doubles as a vanity area for prepping. The light streaming in from the adjacent window makes this once dark corner vignette feel fresh and bright.

This oversize and unique light fixture we chose fills the space without being too overwhelming. The modern lines help balance out some of the more rustic wood surfaces as well as give an unexpected surprise to the space.

This master suite project and the homeowners were very near and dear to my heart. Working alongside friends is always a treat! We gave them a space that checked off all their wants and needs which included; work area, sitting area, bright and cozy with rich color and texture sprinkled throughout. This will be a master suite that will stay classic, beautiful and functional for years to come.

Check out the reveal video to see their reactions!

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